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My professional career has been about helping others build the skills, knowledge and networks they need to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. While I am currently based in Philadelphia, I may be able to help you wherever you are located. I specialize in:

  • Strategic advising to foundations, governments, nonprofits and businesses seeking to develop policies, programs and initiatives that promote more inclusive economic growth strategies.

  • Legal services for individuals, entrepreneurs, employers, and organizations with a special focus on immigration, nonprofit, community development and zoning matters.

About me...

After serving as President and CEO of The Welcoming Center in Philadelphia from 2012-2023, I now provide legal services and strategic consulting to both public and private sector entities seeking to accelerate economic growth that is just, inclusive, and equitable.Over the past 25+ years, I have been helping individuals, communities and companies succeed locally and in the global economy. A common thread runs through all of my professional experiences from leading a nonprofit, co-founding a private law firm, serving on numerous civic and philanthropic boards, to working in government and in academia. I love collaborative problem solving and connecting people to resources, new opportunities, and to other talented people in my network.A few of the projects I have been working on recently, include: Developing a strategic plan for Cleveland that will help grow their economy by attracting and retaining more immigrants, refugees and secondary migrants; Advising a nonprofit CEO on building political and financial capital to develop affordable housing, a community center and a business incubator; Helping launch a staffing agency designed to improve immigrant integration into healthcare jobs; and Co-designing a tech platform to grow local businesses with local capital.I currently serve as board chair of The Merchants Fund, a unique organization that just celebrated its 170th Anniversary, providing grants to small businesses in underserved communities in Philadelphia. I am also a founding board member of Greenline Access Capital, where we specialize in character-based micro-lending to BIPOC and immigrant-owned businesses. One evening a week, I can be found at Temple University Law School teaching an Intro to the U.S. Legal System for foreign-trained lawyers.When I am not working, I am relaxing with my family, playing music with friends, or planning the next adventure.

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